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Medical Professionals

We are committed to working closely with medical professionals worldwide to improve the current care model for cardiovascular disease with our gene editing programs.

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Our Ethical Commitment

As we advance in our mission of transforming treatment for patients with cardiovascular disease from chronic management to single-course gene editing medicines, we are working in a manner consistent with the ethical and scientific frameworks set forth by leading professional societies, regulators and biomedical ethicists. 

All of Verve’s single-course gene editing medicines in development involve making edits in adult cells, which are not passed down to offspring. We do not and will not edit embryos, sperm cells or egg cells.

Safety is paramount at Verve. We adhere to rigorous safety protocols with the best available technologies for detecting potential off-target effects. Our team comprises world-leading experts in human genetics, gene editing, delivery technologies and drug development, and we expect our clinical development plans to proceed responsibly.

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Base Editing Unleashed 

At Verve, we are leveraging advances in gene editing, as well as human genetics, to develop single-course base editing medicines that have the potential to disrupt the current care model for cardiovascular disease. 

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Our Gene Editing Programs

Our lead programs, VERVE-101, VERVE-102 and VERVE-201, are targeting known genes associated with CVD risk, including PCSK9 and ANGPTL3

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Clinical Trials 

Verve is driven by our mission to transform the treatment of cardiovascular disease from chronic management to single-course gene editing medicines. We are grateful to the physicians and patients that are helping to advance our research programs through their participation in a clinical trial.
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