About Us

Verve Therapeutics was created with a singular focus: to protect the world from cardiovascular disease

Our Mission

We are striving to build the preeminent company developing gene editing medicines to treat patients with cardiovascular disease, leveraging the expertise and capabilities of our team whose singular focus is on addressing the root causes of the world’s most common cause of death. Our goal is to disrupt today’s chronic care model for treating cardiovascular disease by providing a new therapeutic approach with single-course gene editing treatments.

Verve brings together multiple breakthroughs in 21st century biomedicine — human genetic analysis, gene editing, messenger RNA (mRNA) -based therapies and lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery  — to realize a new future of longevity and vitality for tens of millions of people around the globe with or at risk for cardiovascular disease.

Verve Team

Verve has been purpose-built for the task ahead, with a team of world-leading experts in cardiovascular medicine, human genetics, gene editing, delivery technologies, drug development and commercialization.


Our Team

Acheampong, Felix
Felix Acheampong, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Mass Spectrometry
Amaonye, Michael
Michael Amaonye
Senior Research Associate, Editing and Discovery
Back, Kayla
Kayla Back
Senior Research Associate, Analytics
Baker, Allison
Allison Baker, Ph.D.
Scientist, RNA Technology
Barrett, Allen
Allen Barrett
Director, Corporate Counsel
Bartlett, Victoria
Victoria Bartlett, Ph.D.
Vice President, Program and Alliance Management
Beach, Aaron
Aaron Beach
Director, Analytical Development
Beaudoin, Maggie
Maggie Beaudoin
Vice President, Finance
Billings, Lisa
Lisa Billings, MSc, CVT, rLAT
Associate Scientist, Preclinical Pharmacology
Biswas, Souvik, Ph.D.
Souvik Biswas, Ph.D.
Director, Chemistry and Formulation
Braun, Maurine
Maurine Braun
Associate Director, Toxicology
Carr, Helen
Helen Carr
Nonclinical Medical Writer
Chadwick, Alexandra, Ph.D.
Alexandra Chadwick, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Editing and Discovery
Chamarthi, Hareesh
Hareesh Chamarthi
Associate Principal Scientist, Computational Biology
Chen, Huei-Mei
Huei-Mei Chen, Ph.D.
Associate Principal Scientist, Gene Editing
Cheng, Christopher J., Ph.D.
Christopher J. Cheng, Ph.D.
Executive Director, RNA Technology & Manufacturing
Clendaniel, Victoria
Victoria Clendaniel
Senior Research Associate, Preclinical Pharmacology
Cok, Alexandra
Alexandra Cok
Manager, External Quality Control
Cook, Angela
Angela Cook
Senior Manager, Culture and Administration
Cornell, Liam
Liam Cornell, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Editing and Discovery
Cox, James
James Cox
Associate Scientist, Analytical Development
Crandall, Caitlin
Caitlin Crandall
Senior Process Development Engineer, RNA Technology & Manufacturing
Dai, Yunxiang
Yunxiang Dai, Ph.D.
Scientist II, Mass Spectrometry
Damle, Manashree
Manashree Damle
Scientist, Computational Biology
Davis, Kristopher
Kristopher Davis
Senior Operations Associate
Dembla, Ishwin
Ishwin Dembla, M.S.
Senior Scientist, Analytics
DeNizio, Jamie, Ph.D.
Jamie DeNizio, Ph.D.
Associate Principal Scientist, Gene Editing
DePeter, Joseph
Joseph DePeter
Senior Engineer, Process Development
Desai, Ankur
Ankur Desai
Executive Director, Analytics
Diaz, Jessica
Jessica Diaz
Accounts Payable Associate
DiMario, Alex
Alex DiMario
Senior Manager, Supply Chain and Logistics
Donlon, Emily
Emily Donlon
Associate Director, IT Applications
Dorsey, Andrew
Andrew Dorsey
Research Associate, Formulation
Duffy, Kaitlin
Kaitlin Duffy
Senior Director, Human Resources
Dutta, Chaitali, Ph.D.
Chaitali Dutta, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Preclinical Pharmacology
Eisner, Robin
Robin Eisner
Facilities Operations Manager
El-Gamal, Yasser
Yasser (Yas) El-Gamal, J.D.
Vice President, Legal Affairs and Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
Falzone, Richard
Richard Falzone
Vice President, Clinical Operations
Federico, Anthony
Anthony Federico, Ph.D.
Scientist, Bioinformatics
Feinstein, Greg
Greg Feinstein
Scientist, Formulation
Franaszek, Nicole
Nicole Franaszek
Research Associate, Formulation
Fuselli, Nancy
Nancy Fuselli, BSc, RAC
Executive Director, Quality Assurance
Ganey, Jack
Jack Ganey
Associate Scientist, Editing and Discovery
Gangopadhyay, Soumya
Soumya Gangopadhyay, Ph.D.
Associate Principal Scientist, Bioanalysis
Garcia, Sara, Ph.D.
Sara Garcia, Ph.D.
Associate Principal Scientist, Computational Biology
Garrity, Ryan
Ryan Garrity
Associate Scientist, Preclinical Pharmacology
Gichuru, Kevin
Kevin Gichuru
Senior Manager, Accounting
Gilman, Michael
Michael Gilman
Associate Principal Engineer, Process Development
Glass, Zachary
Zachary Glass, Ph.D.
Scientist, Formulation
Goon, Kasey
Kasey Goon
Associate Scientist, Bioanalysis
Greenfield, Matthew
Matthew Greenfield
Associate Director, Laboratory Operations
Hallock, Peter
Peter Hallock, Ph.D.
Director, Editing and Discovery
Hao, Christina
Christina Hao, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Next Generation Sequencing
Hood, Erin
Erin Hood
Senior Contracts Specialist
Huang, Yanlin
Yanlin Huang
Payroll Manager
Ivanov, Ivan
Ivan Ivanov
Scientist II, Editor Development
Iyer, Sowmya
Sowmya Iyer, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Computational Biology and Genome Sciences
James, Paris
Paris James
Research Associate, RNA Technology
Jayaram, Hari
Hari Jayaram, Ph.D.
Vice President, Editing and Discovery
Jensen, Chelsey
Chelsey Jensen
Director, Clinical Operations
Jiao, Yang
Yang Jiao, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Editing and Discovery
Johnson, Christopher
Christopher Johnson
Manager, External Quality Control
Kasiewicz, Lisa, Ph.D.
Lisa Kasiewicz, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Formulations
Khera, Amit
Amit Khera, M.D.
Executive Director, Genomic Medicine
Kirk, Jaime
Jaime Kirk
Kumar, Sunita
Sunita Kumar
Associate Director, Quality Assurance
Kwon, Jeong-Ah
Jeong-Ah Kwon
Scientist II, Analytics
Laschkewitsch, Nick
Nick Laschkewitsch
Research Associate, Process Development
Lavoie, Jennifer
Jennifer Lavoie
Director, CMC Project Management
Lazare, Seka
Seka Lazare, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Next Generation Sequencing
Le, Anson
Anson Le
Research Associate, Analytics
Lee, Jay
Jay Lee
Associate Director, Financial Planning and Analysis
Lee, Richard
Richard Lee, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Preclinical Pharmacology and Translational Medicine
Leipheimer, Jay
Jay Leipheimer
Scientist, RNA Technology
Li, Amy
Amy Li
Clinical Trial Specialist
Li, Jeffrey
Jeffrey Li
Associate Scientist, Editing and Discovery
MacDonald, Bryan
Bryan MacDonald, Ph.D.
Director, Pharmacology and Toxicology
Madsen, James
James Madsen, Ph.D.
Director, Mass Spectrometry
Malyala, Padma
Padma Malyala
Vice President, Formulation and Analytical Development
Mangano, Jessica
Jessica Mangano
Senior Engineer, Process Development
Matsumoto, Yuri
Yuri Matsumoto, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Bioanalysis
Mazzola, Anne Marie
Anne Marie Mazzola
Study Manager, Preclinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
McCurley, Lisa
Lisa McCurley
Director, Regulatory Operations
Mei, Emma
Emma Mei
Senior Accountant
Milliken, Kim
Kim Milliken
Senior Director, Regulatory CMC
Minaya, Harlisa
Harlisa Minaya
Senior Human Resources Generalist
Mineo, Lauren
Lauren Mineo
Executive Assistant, Research and Development
Mizoguchi, Taiji, Ph.D.
Taiji Mizoguchi, Ph.D.
Associate Principal Scientist, Preclinical Pharmacology
Molles, Jeffrey
Jeffrey Molles
Senior Director, Clinical Data Management
Montt, Danielle
Danielle Montt
In Vivo Study Coordinator
Morneault, Kate
Kate Morneault
Senior Manager, SEC Reporting and Technical Accounting
Mudshinge, Sagar
Sagar Mudshinge, Ph.D.
Scientist, Discovery Chemistry
Murray, Maria
Maria Murray
Receptionist and Administrative Office Associate
Nagpal, Ash
Ash Nagpal
Associate Principal Engineer, Formulation
Naigles, Robyn
Robyn Naigles
Human Resources Specialist
Nammi, Namrata
Namrata Nammi
Scientist, Analytics
Nasrullah, Yusuf
Yusuf Nasrullah
Scientist, Editing and Discovery
O’Neil, April
April O'Neil
Associate Director, Human Resources
Pacheco, Alline
Alline Pacheco, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Editing and Discovery
Petit, Johnathan
Johnathan Petit
External Quality Assurance Associate
Platt, Colin
Colin Platt, Ph.D.
Scientist, Bioanalysis
Powell, Brent V.
Brent V. Powell, Ph.D.
Scientist II, Analytics
Rajabi, Hoda
Hoda Rajabi
Scientist, Next Generation Sequencing
Rajeev, Kallanthottathil G., Ph.D.
Kallanthottathil G. Rajeev, Ph.D.
Vice President, CMC
Reiss, Caroline, Ph.D.
Caroline Reiss, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, RNA Technology
Ren, Huilan
Huilan Ren
Scientist, Formulation
Robinson, Jennifer
Jennifer Robinson
Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
Rohde, Ellen, Ph.D.
Ellen Rohde, Ph.D.
Vice President, Preclinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
Ruiz, Leocadia
Leocadia Ruiz
Director, External Quality Control
Salisbury, Chloe
Chloe Salisbury
Quality Assurance Associate
Sandler, Ivan
Ivan Sandler
Associate Director, External Manufacturing
Sanjeev, Athul
Athul Sanjeev
Senior Research Associate, RNA Technology
Santos, Ryan
Ryan Santos
Research Associate, Editing and Discovery
Schmidt, Matthew
Matthew Schmidt, Pharm.D.
Director, Regulatory Affairs
Sethachutkul, Derek
Derek Sethachutkul
Senior Director, External Manufacturing
Shabani, Estela
Estela Shabani, Ph.D.
Scientist II, Editing and Discovery
Shatzer, Wynn
Wynn Shatzer
Senior Research Associate, Analytics
Shay, Jax
Jax Shay
Senior Research Associate, Analytics
Sheely, Andrew
Andrew Sheely
Executive Director, Information Technology
Siddiqui, Leya
Leya Siddiqui
Research Associate, Analytics
Smiley, Vanessa
Vanessa Smiley
Manager, External Quality Assurance
Spence, Luke
Luke Spence
Senior Manager, IT Operations
Srinivasan Kamalakkannan, Dhinesh Kannan
Dhinesh Kannan Srinivasan Kamalakkannan
Research Associate, Bioanalysis
Stahley, Mary
Mary Stahley, Ph.D.
Director, Process Development
Stanojevic, Mila
Mila Stanojevic
Research Associate, Analytics
Steege, Nikolas
Nikolas Steege
Research Associate, Analytics
Stevens, Casey
Casey Stevens, Ph.D.
Scientist II, Process Development
Stoeckel, Ryan
Ryan Stoeckel
Associate Director, Procurement
Stolz, Leslie, Ph.D.
Leslie Stolz, Ph.D.
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Street, Lynnsey
Lynnsey Street
Associate Scientist, Process Development
Subramanian, Vidya
Vidya Subramanian, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Discovery Technology Development
Tillotson, Eric
Eric Tillotson
Senior Engineer, Process Development
Vafai, Scott
Scott Vafai, M.D.
Vice President, Translational Medicine
Wang, Kui, Ph.D.
Kui Wang, Ph.D.
Associate Principal Scientist, RNA Technology
Washington, Carina
Carina Nyberg Washington
Executive Assistant
Weinreb, Meghan
Meghan Weinreb
Associate Director, Internal Quality Assurance
Welch, Chris
Chris Welch
Director, External Manufacturing
Wong, Francis
Francis Wong
Associate Scientist, Editing and Discovery
Yu, Nolan
Nolan Yu
Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

Collaborations and Licensing

Verve has in-licensed a portfolio of gene editing and delivery technologies through strategic collaborations and licensing agreements with industry leaders, including Beam Therapeutics, the Broad Institute, Harvard University and Acuitas Therapeutics, Inc.

Through independent development of our capabilities and new technologies, Verve has established deep expertise in the research and development of gene editing medicines. We seek out and are open to exploring additional opportunities where these capabilities and our expertise can be applied to new strategic collaborations and programs.

To inquire about such opportunities, please fill out this form →