Mudshinge, Sagar

Sagar Mudshinge, Ph.D.
Scientist, Discovery Chemistry

Sagar Mudshinge is a scientist, discovery chemistry at Verve Therapeutics, with expertise in the synthetic organic chemistry. Prior to joining the Verve, he worked as DAAD-RISE intern at BASF Limburgehof, Germany, where he worked on the determination of absolute configuration of metabolites by NMR spectroscopy. He also held rolse as a research associate, in the drug discovery department, of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai, India and as a functional trainee, in the drug discovery department of Integral Bioscience, Noida, India. He received his Ph.D., in chemistry, at University of Louisville, where he explored the development and novel applications of halogenating agents. He received his MS in medicinal chemistry at NIPER Mohali, India, where he explored the green protocol for the quinoxaline synthesis.