Matsumoto, Yuri

Yuri Matsumoto, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, Bioanalytical and Translational Sciences

Yuri Matsumoto is a principal scientist in bioanalytical and translational sciences at Verve Therapeutics with expertise in bioanalytical assay development for discovery, preclinical and clinical applications. Prior to joining Verve, Dr. Matsumoto worked on protein engineering of Cas9 and research assay development at Intellia Therapeutics. Prior to Intellia, Dr. Matsumoto worked on preclinical and clinical assay development of a monoclonal antibody therapy to treat diabetic macula edema at Eleven Biotherapeutics. Dr. Matsumoto received her Ph.D. in biological engineering from MIT, where she harnessed the power of directed evolution to engineer a highly magnetic ferritin mutant to serve as a genetically-encodable MRI contrast agent.