Jayaram, Hari

Hari Jayaram, Ph.D.
Vice President, Editing and Discovery

Hari Jayaram is vice president, editing and discovery at Verve Therapeutics. He trained as a structural biologist and biochemist, starting with his PhD, working on viral RNA binding proteins at Baylor College of Medicine and postdoc at Brandeis university, working on membrane protein transporters. His scientific expertise spans from structure guided drug discovery and computational biology to protein engineering and gene editing. Prior to Verve, he played a foundational role in building Spotlight Therapeutics as its first employee and VP of Technology. At Spotlight, he was responsible for hiring the initial scientific team, establishing the science capabilities from the ground up and lead the development of its platform approach to create a new class of Biologics for targeted in vivo delivery of CRISPR Ribonucleoproteins. Dr. Jayaram was also one of the early scientists at Editas Medicine where he built and led Editas’ computational Biology and Ribonucleoprotein engineering groups. Dr. Jayaram began his career in industry at Constellation Pharmaceuticals where as a member of the drug discovery group he played an integral role in Constellation’s clinical programs and research collaboration developing small molecules to harness epigenetic mechanisms to treat cancer.

Dr. Jayaram has over 20 scientific publications and over 20 issued and pending patents. He received his BSc from the University of Bombay, MSc from Indian Institute of Technology, PhD from Baylor College of Medicine and post docs at both Baylor College of Medicine and Brandeis University.