Desai, Ankur

Ankur Desai
Executive Director, Analytics

Ankur Desai is the executive director, analytics at Verve, with 18 years of experience working in both translational research and biotech industry. Through the years, he has worked as an analytical chemist developing methods for dendritic nanoparticles used as drug delivery agents for cancer therapeutics and methods for oligonucleotides. Prior to joining Verve, Mr. Desai worked as a senior director of analytical development at Sarepta Therapeutics, overseeing its analytical development operations that cater to the company’s RNA and gene therapy platform.  His team worked across product development and was involved in developing methods for release, stability, providing process analytical and CMC support, and working with sequence screening to select a lead candidate. He received his MS in chemistry from Central Michigan University, with research focused on effect of cyclodextrins and its derivatives on protein folding.